I may or may not have told you this in the past, but for the last year or so i have really fallen in love with rock climbing/bouldering. Both inside, and outside in the free and “wild”.

It is something i have wanted to do for a long time, but have not had anyone to do it with, and in the end i found that the best way of learning was to have a friend/boyfriend who could teach me.

A few years ago i finally found that man, and my learning started.
To be quite honest;
There have been times where i was really scared of falling, taking a dive, really hurting myself, and so one. However when you choose to trust yourself/equipment you are really able to do much more then you first thought.

There is no better feeling then trying to climb a wall (whatever seize) failing, failing, and then because of hard work finally doing it. Being scared in the moment is always something you  can out smart if you recognize the fear, and push through anyway.

I think this is a subject i will write more about in the near future…
Have a great day

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