Lets start at the beginning people I am originally born in Oslo more to the point a suburb about 30 min outside Oslo called Bærum. In my childhood I joined a female scout group for six years, and through that learned how to sail, and be comfortable on the ocean without to many people around for help. I learned how to relay on myself, and not trust that others would be there. Back then I had a love for sailing, and staying in a boat for weeks on end with nothing but the blue ocean surrounding me was something I loved. But as I got older my interests changed a bit, and it went from being a sailing scout to horseback riding. Riding horses was my whole life for eight years, and I went to many summer camps where I learned just how to handle different horses that was not only stronger than me but also had a mind of its own. All those years riding gave me a huge respect for animals, and all living things in general. I stopped many years ago, but still miss it!

A few years ago before I met Lars I was secretly thinking that rock climbing would be something I one day could learn. However doing it seemed to be a threshold hard to climb, and I therefore never did on my own. The easiest way of putting it is that I was scared, scared of failing, scared of looking stupid, scared of not being strong enough, and so one. I am sure we have all felt some fair in our life when doing something new, and being afraid of not mastering it properly!

I have to admit that my motivation for starting was also a bit stupid..

My thought process was: “If I get into climbing on my own then maybe I can find the right man! I did not know who he was.. all I knew was that he had to be the strong/hard type that could help me start! The truth is I should have started for ME, and not waited for a man to help!

I was at the same time thinking that:

  1. Rock climbing was boring to do alone.
  2. I never knew anyone I could do it with, and that could teach me.
  3. I always felt that if I was to climb? it would be because I was in a relationship with someone who had the same outlook on life, and could introduce me to the lifestyle.

This was my thinking for many years.


Fast forward to a party 2013 – 24th of August:

Back in 2013 I finally found the man I had been looking for, and my whole life changed from that point on. I slowly but surely went from being a dreamer to being a real rock climber, and a girl who liked to be outdoors. Hike for hours just to find that perfect spot for either climbing or bouldering.

In the beginning we went for short hikes, and Lars started teaching me how to properly use the equipment/get tied in/”read my route”/use ropes, and overall understand the basics of rock climbing. It must be said that Lars was rock climbing before he could walk at least that’s what it felt like in the beginning, and I soon realized that I had big shoes to fill. Back then I would get so frustrated when I did not manage to climb the route I wanted that I would start to cry, and get mad. The reason for my bad mood was simple I hated the feeling of looking stupid, and not mastering something in front of the person I love. What I soon realized is that even Lars had to start somewhere, and that not even he was always as good as he is today. Coming to that realization helped me calm down, and take it one step at the time!

However I can still remember being on the wall screaming because I just could not get up! I am truly a lucky girl..many other men would at this point say ”to hell with you” J, but Lars said all the right things so that I would not give in, but keep trying. That is why in 2017 I am still going strong, and each time trying a bit harder route then the last one.

Because the truth is…like I said a few lines above..we all have to start somewhere!


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