You want to start rock climbing ? 

Start rock climbing

I have started to write this post more then twice,but each time there have been one problem or another.Result being that I have had to do it all over again …now I am on take number three. Please make it stick this time😊

Today I will share some tips that may have some worth if you are in the thinking process of wanting to learn climbing.

You may remember that my first try at the climbing thing ended in tears, and I was scared 😳 but with anything you try for the first time ..not giving up is the key.

So here are my tips:

  • Start doing research on rock climbing, and by that read/watch videos/find out whatever you can on the subject.
  • Talk to people who have done it longer then yourself..soak up as much info as you can.
  • Join a rock climbing club.
  • Find likeminded people.
  • Subscribe to magazines that can help you.
  • Research as much about different equipment, and its use as you can before you EVER do a climb.

These are only my tips, do you have any?

Please comment below!

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