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        Tips for workout #music

Finding good tunes for working out is not always easy, and I am therefor here today to give you tips for workout music. Ever since I started going to the gym many, many, moons ago 😂(I am not that old) finding the right tunes has always been a challenge. It could be I am alone in this…

The music has to be suited for both running, and weight traning…That is not an easy combination..
Here comes a few Podcasts, and music tips for you;

  1. Groove Junkies – I have loved this Podcast for a long time. Plus I am a sucker for a radio host with a British accent. They always play such calming and chill music. It ca be great for some leight weight lifting, but also for some easy running. I tend to use the music for both.
  2. The running 🏃 part of Spotify is something I just discovered,  but I have to say it is genius. The idea is that whatever the pace you run in Spotify will find the right music. I used it for the first time today, and I am truly loving it.
  3. Tiesto – this Dj is one of my favorites as I run, and the great thing about the mixes is that it builds, and build ..and that in turn is good for you seeing as you get enough time to get warm before you really explode.
  4. Running club – U.K.– a thing I really like about this site is that you get free download of all the music,and all you have to do is follow them on Twitter.
  5. If you are not happy with anything out there …why not make your own mixes on ITunes ? I used to do this a lot when I first started out. The best part about taking the time to actually make your own mix is that you get a playlist completely suited to your own needs.

  1. Nike – music mixes on YouTube is good if you are looking for something a little bit different.
  2. Spotify – this one is a goody..I can not explain why I like this mix..however it is probably because if the very different music from start to finish…it feels like it can bes used for more then running. You can play it as you lift weights without getting to distracted.
  3. On Norwegian state radio there is a radio show called Wolfgang Wee, and i have been a huge fan for a long time. The Dj plays summary, and chilled out hits perfect for any kind of workout.
  4. Ever since I was in my early teens, and on the lookout for something different..and soul R&B music we did not get in Norway. I turned the radio on full blast, and danced around the livingroom to Trevor Nelson on The BBC. In my opionion all the music played is perfect for stretching, lightweight weight training…and whatever else you like.
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