Tips for gym wear

My tips for gym wear

 So today’s post will hopefully give you that extra motivation for the gym! You can be someone just starting out or someone who is in a slump, and need some kicking in the butt for extra motivation.

Picking out the right gym gear can sometimes be a struggle, and going to the store for that one special pair of pants or the one t- shirt that says “I am not trying to hard” but I want to be cool can somtimes not be an easy task. Plus at my gym there are rules for what kind of top you can wear!

The general rule being – no armpits showing! I am so not looking forward to summer😊

So that is why I today will give you some tips on what too look for when you hit the stores exploring for gym wear!

Firstly I want to say that this post will not give you tips on where to find the latest, and most expensive, stylish clothes. Here you will find clothes that are comfortable to wear, and with a reasonable price point. Over the years my gym wear have come from both Nike, and Adidas to labels I love a lot.

So here are my tips:

  • Keep it simple;you are after all at the gym to workout.
  • wear comfy clothes that you can move easily in.
  • Bring more then one T- shirt or pants – I for one like to slip into something dry,and warmer once I have finished!
  • Different kinds of T – shirts is also a plan – one with long arms, short arms.
  • Bring a hoody, and I have to say that Nike has some really great once. I specially love jackets for the hood – and the way you can more or less become invincible as you walk home! 😊
  • Buy some bright colors – it will make you happier.
  • if you are a girl – wear a sports bra 😊
  • Take a look at the rules of your gym before buying-do they have a dresscode?

To summarize:

Doing excercise or generally working out comes in many shapes, and forms for different people.But I think finding what helps your motivation, and makes you actually hit that treadmill is what I is all about. So if new gym wear helps you ? Why not make that investment!

I hope to do more of these tips post in the future so holler if you like them.

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