Another week is done, and yet again Friday. Some weeks I tend to read a lot online in search of new things/topics and general cool stuff other days I am more into Podcasts.

This week I have been really into Podcasts, and by that I mean all sorts of Podcasts like political/humour/informative once. Podcasts are such a wonderful way to listen to something else then music/audio books it is different, and you get small stories perfect for train trips, or a walk outside in the crisp fall air.

I personally love these:

The Essay from The BBC

Wonderful great short stories/essays both well written, and quite romantic in its form. The latest episode is about how you best can sort out your books and letters.

Bloomberg View – Masters in Business

Looking forward to hearing this Pod over the weekend, and I will tell you how it is. I am sure something will be learned.

Shaw Media – Til det ekstreme.

About extreme living, and how some people can not live without pressing themselves to the far end in order to stay happy.

BBC RADIO 4 – Friday Night Comedy

The last Pod I have been listening to for a long time due to the wonderful humour, and the panel they have one. It is always well informed people with well thought arguments of whatever topic they are discussing at the moment. It is also a good, and different way of staying on top of English politics from a little bit of a different perspective.

Have a great day.

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