The Paris agreement

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There have been a lot in the news lately concerning The Paris agreement how it would be a catastrophe if The United States where to pull out , and today it happened. Trump decided (stupid ass ) to withdraw, and not keep his commitment to a deal that former President Obama signed together with 178 other world leaders.

I was appalled, and for that have choose to do my own investigative work into what this agreement really is about. Now mine you there are so many pros, and cons to this deal depending on your angle that I simply do not have enough time or space to get into everything in one post. However I will in this first one try to give you some general thoughts on the agreement has I see it from watching a few videos, and reading the convention today.

“It was first made on the basis of recognizing the need for an effective, and progressive response to the urgent treat of climate change on the basis of the best available scientific knowledge”.

“Also recognizing the specific needs, and special circumstances of developing country parties especially those that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change as provided for in the convention”.

“Taking FULL account of the specific needs, and special situations of the least”.

All countries are under The Paris agreement aloud to set their own environmental, pollution reduction, and deforestation goals as they see fit. However they have to commit to keeping the earth 🌏/ their countries under the 2percent temperature mark.

Furthermore three important things that made 178 contrives say yes to the deal was that:

  1. We all share the same finish line
  2. Each country have their own map to get to the end goal
  3. They all signed the deal.
  4. They all have to report back every five years, and give feedback on what they have accomplished so far.

And now Trump wants to pull out …..what does that say about his level of intelligence??????

I am so appalled by his actions …Anyone else ??

There will be much more on this topic in the weeks and months to come…seeing as this first post only (barely ) scratches the surface. Hope you will stick around.

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