How are we all?, and how is 2017 shaping up for you?

As per usual I have already to many things going on, and have to focus a bit…typical me..everytime I do this the end result turns out to be that i have to cut half from my plate so that breathing is possible…

My to do list is getting longer by every minute:

  1. Planning our wedding
  2. The #jentesjef (girl boss project) – we are working on hosting our very first hangout for women dreaming of starting something- However all the details are not a hundred percent planned just yet..i will be back with more details at a later date.
  3. Getting in shape
  4. The starting of my very own online magazine
  5. Maybe even starting School..

I am getting tired just thinking about it all..i have to start cutting big time…

One thing that is constant through everything is that I want to get in shape/loose some pounds.and start running again.

Even wrote about it on Facebook just so there are NO excuses left :) what the hell was I thinking…

The thing about running is that it gets really fun the minute you get  into a shape above collapsing…., and lets face it THAT takes more then just one run..haha..sometimes I wish it was that easy..but everything in life takes time after all..some are natural talents in everything they put their minds to. So deeply unfair..

I will share my running routine in a post a bit later..

Hope you all are doing well?

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