These are only my thoughts


Spring has come back to Norway, and with that I think we all have bit more energy.

It has been a while since we last spoke, and on Instagram I have been showing some shots lately of my everyday life. 

A lot has happened this spring.Everything from school to a new job. The school thing I finished at the beginning of February, and the subject I took was IT security to explain it simply, and to the point. We had two papers to hand in before we where able to take the exam. Hopefully the exam went well, and I passed with flying colors.


The house🏡

The new house is almost finished painted, but looking good so far. We choose a light grey color upstairs, and a bit darker one downstairs to better match the kitchen/ wood oven.

I will show you some pictures when we are all done.

General life update:

I have just come back from having the flue, and really do not want to get sick again ☺️it is just so boring having to stay in bed all day.

And with that small update we are slowly,but surely back to the normal program☺️

Have a great day

Here is a link to my latest post: SUNDAY

These are only my thoughts

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