Another month over, and here we are in October again with holidays coming up in the near future like Thanksgiving for some, and Christmas for me. I sometimes find it a bit scary just how fast time flies by these days, and how I am getting older by the minute. But that is not what this post is about..

This post is about showing some of the things I have been loving/liking over the month of September.

Now mind you these are all items related to rock climbing/skiing and an active lifestyle, and I am sharing a jacket/pant that i love for outdoor activities.


I have always thought that when it comes to active wear you can have things on that are both comfortable, and nice looking at the same time.


For hiking I have been liking this Condura pant from the label Trango. Push the link, and be taken to a more in depth review.

Since we are stepping into colder months, and fall is yet again upon us I have been loving these Salomon shoes. They are both sturdy..has a thicker sole, and is over all warmer then regular sneakers..

The Red Salomon jacket pictured I have loved so much ever since it was first given to me. One: It comes in a wonderful red colour that makes me easy to spot either on the slope or in the mountains. Plus the fabric is so comfortable, and breathing.

I have been loving nature, and all the fall colours recently…

For those bad hair days, and when you just want to “disappear” a bit the cap pictured has been a BIG favourite. Ever since I was in my teens caps and me go hand in hand…

These are some of my favourites for the month of September.

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