General tips on active/positive lifestyle.


Another month over, and here we are in October again with holidays coming up in the near future like Thanksgiving for some, and Christmas for me. I sometimes find it a bit scary just how fast time flies by these days, and how I am getting older by the minute. But that is not what this post is about..This post is ment to show some of my favourites for the month of September.


I was Girl Scout once, and by looking at me now you might or might not believe me..I used to sail every summer for weeks in small sailboats. That first summer was the scariest ever..picture this me a young girl for the first time saling with a boy I did not know..him puking all over the boat, and only wanting my mom. I still remember it with horror..the good thing however was that it made me thougher then I already I learned a great many things that I still use to this day..