This category is based around our hikes, and here I share tips/tricks  plus thoughts around where you should go..and see.


Grab those leftover potatoes from yesterdays dinner, and cut them up.Crush the potatoes and fry them together with chorizo, garlic and rosemary. Add some fried eggs the way you like, and have a breakfast for champions.

🍂 Hiking boots.

Not Sponsored: Get all the boots in this post from Gamletorvet Sport in Gjøvik . Andrew New Antelao Teton Art. 2002/1 – comes in at 3890.


There are many different trips to take. You can walk from cabin to cabin in your own tempo, and speed or take a day trip with some of your closets friends. Only you set the limits, but in the end everything is up to the person doing it. First up in my series will be hikes you can do during the winter months aimed at people wanting to do some small/a bit bigger tours


Every weekend me and my man have an agreement that at least one day we try to get out into the gorgeous nature that surrounds us! Being outside climbing,and making some food is such a calming experience, and something I recommend to anyone in need of some down time or just some time alone! You really recharge those batteries,and go home all rejuvenated and high on life!


Post Views: 283 This previous week we went hiking over Besseggen, and these are some of the photos we took. The backpack my man is carrying comes from Black Diamond, and was originally for people who go rock climbing. It clings to the back really well so climbing with it is no problem. The weather over Besseggen was (as you can…


Having a refrigerator filled with food you do not get around to eating is both economically stupid, and not good for the environment. So instead of possibly throwing away parts of yesterdays dinner (because you for the 100 time made to much) why not take leftovers with u on the slopes or a regular hike.


Skåbu is most likely named after the Norse goddess for hunting called Skadir. Hunting, trapping and fishing leaves its mark on the village to this day as in earlier times.


Post Views: 395 Sunday we got up early with one thought in mind, and that was to find new places for future backcountry skiing trips. The drive payed off, and you will therefore see more tips for trips in future posts. The best hiking food ever 🙂 RealTurmat


Some pictures from our trip to Rondane in Norway 2016. The weather was gorgeous, and the company was good. There is nothing like a hike out in nature