We are capable of more than we think

This is not to mean we should push ourselves like crazy all the time but it means we have an ability to achieve just about anything we want in the realm of health and fitness. Things like marathons, lifting heavy and excelling at a sport are all achievable NO MATTER your current condition. Our bodies are amazing and with hard work can morph to achieve just about any task, all we need is the knowledge and drive…

Running 🏃Tips

Here is a post showing my thoughts on running, and why I am loving it these days. That will not change in the foreseeable future since I see results pretty fast, and already feel so much leaner.

Tips for #running/ weight training #music

Post Views: 777         Tips for workout #music Finding good tunes for working out is not always easy, and I am therefor here today to give you tips for workout music. Ever since I started going to the gym many, many, moons ago 😂(I am not that old) finding the right tunes has always been a challenge.…

Tips for gym wear

Tips for what you can look at when you are in the marked for some new gym wear.


I for one have made the decision to head to the gym at least three times a week,and when I am there do cardio /weights. My cardio training usually consists of thirty to fourth minutes on the ellipse machine, and then some running on the treadmill for the same time – and then to top it all of weight training.

Oslo marathon – ten for Grethe

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I have gone to the gym every day last week from Monday to Friday, and I have done everything from spinning, running, stepping to weight training.
Monday: Running on a treadmill for 30 min plus 30 min weight training.


Here we are again with yet another update of my 228 days fitness challenge, and this time I have some good news. I went to the gym yesterday after work, and honestly this might just be the ticket for actually doing it. I pack a gym with all the necessary things the day before, and bring it to work with me. Then after work before I go home, and stay there I simply head directly to the gym for an hour. This might just be the way…


That is why today (yesterday when this post is published) I will make some running playlists on my Phone, and from next week start bringing a workout bag to work ..that way it is a bit harder to just go straight home from work, and stay on the sofa..


Since this site is part of the healthy project I am going to say right away this is not loose as much as possible as fast as I can kind of project. It is more a “healthy project”, and therefor yesterday I signed up for my first Oslo Marathon – 1 Mile in September.