The weekend is officially here with yet another Saturday, and yet another search for something cool to listen to. I said in my previous post that I have been a die hard fan of finding different Podcasts recently, and I stand by that statement. Podcasts and me are best friends at the moment, and I therefore thought it was about time I shared one of my all time favourites! As you may know I am a huge 📖 lover, and I discover new book Podcasts more or less every week!

Like the Book Review Podcast from The New York Times for instance. The best thing is that you can find so many unique pearls of literature depending on the website you visit. Each website feature different books, and words which means you can discover a new book with a different perspective at every turn. I mean why stick to the same old books when you can broaden your mind at every time you read?

Now this is of course only my thoughts on the subject …however I think it is something worth thinking about for more then a few seconds! Broaden your mind people!




Ever since I was a little girl books have been my best friend, and something I can easily dive into in order to be lost for hours on mom used to read me every book from Roald Dahl as a child, and even though many of them where scary at the time for a young girl it was one of the reasons why I now as an adult escape into books whenever I can or find the time.

The book I am reading right now is called The Secret Agent, and comes from an author called Joseph Conrad. 


Prescient and shocking, The Secret Agent is a story of terrorism, espionage and revolutionary groups in nineteenth century London. Quiet shop owner Verloc is a member of an anarchist group, and a secret agent for a foreign country.


To be honest I quite like this book, and find the storytelling of it thrilling, but as I have only come halfway it is hard to say if the whole book is good..however my feeling says it is..

The language is easy to understand plus the topic is not hard to grasp even for a non English speaker like myself.


As you know I have written many book posts in my time, and here you can find more reads if you are interested like A few different options to choose from, The Climb , and A Vertical Mind

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