Weight:  3160, Flex Index : 70 , Span : 35

The technology behind:

Thermicfit: Made from an anatomic foam: guarantees that your leg stays warm, and feels a sense of comfort.
Bi material PP lower shell: A bi injected shell combined with polypropylene, makes for a softer and lighter material than PU, giving a well adapted stiffness and high UVA resistance at a good price / quality.
Bi material PP upper cuff: a reinforced rear, the side post using a softer front cuff for improved leg wrap and progressive flex. Combined with polypropylene, a softer and lighter material than PU for high UVA resistance makes for a good price and great quality.
Heel and toe removable DIN pads, heel and toe pads can be replaced when worn.
Backbone release: Taken from X3 Lab, Magnesium piece tie cuff to shell provides solid back support /rebound and a progressive forward flex when the boot it is locked. When unlocked for hiking, the boot releases the cuff on the back for a wider opening and easier hell to toe transition
Ride & Hike technology: Salomon patented system combining the backbone release with a specific V cut form at the rear of the lower shell. Allows for a wide rear cuff opening when hiking (Backbone unlocked) and true alpine forward flex when skiing down the mountain (Backbone locked) because the back of the spine fit exactly into the V cut lower shell.
Boot table
Easy step in overlap.

The Salomon Quest Accsess 70 – T junior were bought because I needed a lighter boot for backcountry skiing, and these came very highly recommended for a girl not used to “walking” up a mountain very often. They were bought at a few months ago, and Thomas who works at there gave me several pointers as to why they where just right for me.

These are some of those pointers:

  • They are warm to wear which is a fact seeing as my old boots very extremely cold, and stiff.
  • They are very comfortable to wear on the foot.
  • They are a good fit on your foot
  • They have 70 flex, and that basically means that they are medium stiff when it comes to the scale.
  • I believe that with the hiking, and ride technology makes this boot ideal for people just starting out like me doing backcountry.

I have really learned to love these ski boots for backcountry skiing,and as a newbie I highly suggest you try them to. The prize is affordable, the colour combination cool, the cuff opening in front is never a problem to loosen or tighten. And the shoe is just comfortable. They come highly recommended.

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