Two years ago I bought a pair of new skies for backcountry skiing/downhill because I wanted to learn more, and try other aspects of skiing. Originally I only had skies best suited for freshly groomed slopes, and therefore wanted something that would work better on other types of conditions.

Back then when I was looking for skies these came highly recommended, and so my choice became pretty simple.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 18.08.21Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 18.08.00

I am going to not be technical for one minute, and say that I am visual person, and so the first thing that drew me to these skies was the colour/design. I just liked it :)

Now onto the ski itself:

Like I said before buying a free ride ski was for me quite a leap since I am so used to small turns, being on the slope/carving. Black Pearl has shown me how to ride in a very different way then what I once learned. The way they are made makes them easy to use in snow filled areas seeing as the tip never cuts down, but always stay on top of the snow. They work well when there is a small amount of powder, but they also work well on the slope, and over to icy conditions.

They are easy to use for women (like myself) who have only just begun riding a bit off pist, and backcountry. The ski is both easy to manoeuvre, and quite simple to understand as you ride. They tend to work the best with some speed, and long turns both on the slope, and off. With long turns you will in most cases gain stability, and not cut out like other skies might.

Some technical information:

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 18.05.12

Blizzard – Black Pearl

Overall from a beginners standpoint I highly recommend these skies, and to be honest can’t find anything wrong with them.

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