Are you one of those people who like to go for walks in nature, and maybe even camp/make food outside. As we all know all food tastes so much better in our free nature. There are several hikes you can do in the area we went, and this  particular Sunday we only had time for one relatively short hike (only three four hours). But like I have said before it does not matter how long/short hike you go on the point is that you get out of the sofa for some fresh air.



This Sunday we started from the parking lot around Frydalen carrying backpacks with some @RealTurmat, and our Primus for heating water so that we later on could have dinner. It took us about an hour to reach Rondvassbu by foot following the road, and passing many cyclists on the way. As we reached our destination we bought some vaffels, and coffee as we sat down for an hour or two.

After leaving Rondvassbu we headed in the direction of Jutulhogget, and from their down towards Krokåtbekkbue ,and Rondheim. All in all it was a good distance for a Sunday hike, and it should therefor be manageable for many types of people.The easiest way of getting there is by car, and since we live near Gjøvik it did not take us much more then a few hours without to much traffic on the way.



Here comes some other walks you can do it you feel adventures – Roundtrip of Rondane (a trip for three days), One hour bike ride, or head og to Rondvassbu like we did. There are of course many more hikes you can do in the area besides the once already mentioned. All you really have to do is check your map..or better yet buy a new one, and start exploring..

dsc00242 dsc00241

I specially like the light in the previous photo…There is just something about the way it hits the hill side..


Just in case you loose your way..

dsc00237dsc00254 dsc00255


This is a perfect hike for a Sunday when you just want to get out in nature without thinking to much or hike to hard. Having Rondvassbu in the end as a sweet treat is just the perfect end to a nice hike..mind will have to walk back so do not stuff your face to hard.😊

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Pictures taken in Norway - Rondane Map link: Curtesy of Den Norske Turistforeningen

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