Photo exebition at Kafka cafe in Gjøvik – May

Hi all

Hope you are doing well? It has been a while since my last post seeing as my computer died,and it threfor had to be fixed. As I am writing this post a few things is going through my head.

1.It is strange how one door 🚪 can close behind you, and then another one can open just as fast!

2. I really believe that things happen for a reason,and I will therefore take anything that comes over the next few months as opportunities!

3. When life takes a new turn some new projects may appear!

New opportunities is what this post is all about,and that is why I am proudly announcing that I will in May have my very first photo exhibition . I will as a start show five photos on a wall off a coffee shop in Gjøvik called Kafka,and from there I will show more photos in the year to come!

It will probably be a themed based exbebition,and I am thinking 💭 of maybe doing all black and photos from nature! Or just maybe this time why not try to take more shoots of people ? ??

I tend to shy away from the last thing …I really do not know why..maybe because I seem to think that photographing people is a lot harder!

Place: Kafka in Gjøvik

when : May


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