You know the feeling of gliding down the mountains in a ski dress, and some fly skies?

I know that feeling, and it is something I am always going to love doing more then anything in the universe. I can get up early on a weekend, and feel like going on the slopes is the very last thing I wish to do. But once I am out there any negative thought is gone like the wind, and it is all about feeling the freedom. Gliding down the mountain in powder trusting your skies to get you out of any  situation that might come, and riding on your own terms without anyone else having a say! The days when you can feel the sun hitting on your face, and you stop for a few minutes to enjoy the gorgeous snow/nature/sun with some coffee!

These are some of the moments I truly treasure more then anything.

And then afterwards when I get home after a long day on the slopes snuggling up on the coach with some coffee is the best feeling ever!

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