Ever since I first fell really bad on the slopes some off years ago, and i remember this first tumble quite vividly ..I was going down a pretty steep hill in the Hafjell in the winter time when I got a bit to though, and secure in my own abilities..

You do that, and we all know what happens?

You fall flat on your face, and learn pretty fast that being arrogant, to secure, not pay attention is the worst thing you can do because pretty fast you will know what it is like to eat humble pie. Just like i did that time, and a few more times after.

That is why from that last fall i always wear a helmet when riding.

However each time me and Lars have fallen we tend to have one great tip that might help you as well.

What is Tiger balm:

“Tiger Balm is a topical pain reliever made from herbal and plant-based sources. It is promoted as a remedy for joint and muscle pain associated with arthritis and minor injury, as well as headaches and muscle tension. There are many different Tiger Balm products, including ointments, liniments, creams and sprays, all of which contain slightly different formulas and are indicated for specific uses. Despite these differences, most Tiger Balm products contain the same base ingredients that are included for their anesthetic and analgesic properties.”


We put one some Tiger Balm at night before we go to sleep, and then gently rub it in. As the balm sets in you will experience a slight tingling feeling, and heat will spread all over. A nice trick is to sleep with a t – shirt on so that it does not smell up the sheets.

Next morning you wake up so much better!

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