So with the courtesy of @Dennorsketuristforening I have the pleasure of giving you future tips for hiking routes you can do either over the weekend or longer walks like a week.It will be tips from all over Norway, and I will write articles on easy hikes but also bit more difficult like small summits you can do with the best gear, and the right planning.

I have started doing summits a few years ago with my fiancé , and I think as you start you have to really listen to your own body and what it is telling you. So push yourself, but not so much that you end up to scared, and you never dare try again. And so this posting series will be a collection of very easy hikes to pretty hard. I will also show you some of my favourite places near Gjøvik to hike if you are ever in the mood for something a bit different. Why take the trouble of putting on several layers of warm clothing on the winter to go hike you say? Well here is why..snuggling up in warm Base Layers, and then put something even warmer on the outside for those cold days when the conditions are so good on the slopes that all you want is be out in nature forever or at least from early morning until late in the evening. Then as the sun sets curling up on the sofa with something hot to drink, and your best man..or book :) Nothing is better than that :)

As I was looking at the website of  Den Norske Turistforening I found out that there are many different hikes you can do! You can walk from cabin to cabin in your own tempo, and speed or take a day trip with some of your closets friends. Only you set the limits, but in the end everything is up to you, and your preferences.

First up in my series will be hikes you can do during the winter months aimed at people wanting to do some small/a bit bigger walks.

Watch out for the first article coming soon!

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