We all have things in life that make us smile (it can be dancing around the living room for no reason or it can be listening to some wonderful music), and help us to feel better then we did the day before.
For me that happy “pill” will always be going to to the gym, and it does not matter how many times a week i end up going as long as it is more then cero if you catch my drift…

Recently “bought a personal trainer” for 10 lessons, and this guy compared to my last some years ago really knows how to drive me hard. Fact is i have always been stubborn as a mule, and so when he says  alright ten more rounds to go…

I always try an push the repetitions to 15…just for the heck of it..besides i am paying good money for him to help turn my body into spick an span shape…my goal is more defined muscles, and that is what he helps me with…I have my next “lesson” on Thursday, and i am already looking forward to it…Today i pushed so hard that speaking was a problem…

He asked what i do for a living, and all i could get out was…aha…hmmmm…i can´t talk right now…can we please do this later?????

The point however is not to loose weight or starve yourself. The point for me at least is to be healthy, and like myself just the way I am. Now truth be told there are always things I (as well as other females )want to change my stomach can be smaller, and my legs can be more toned. You know all the little lies we tell ourselves from day to day. However if we are completely honest with each other – me and you the reader..when I look at myself in the mirror there is NOTHING wrong with anything. I have my health, and my body looks pretty good for an almost 40 year old female.

Furthermore I think going to the gym can be done in such a way that it does not get to hysterical..You can actually be fit without thinking about calories or how much you weigh on a scale. The last thing i find to be so incredible important for young girls/boys to understand. Because when it comes right down to it. We are all fantastic the way we where made, and who has the right to tell us otherwise.

Love yourself.


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