REVIEW : Kneissl Rockstar – 108

Kneissl Rock star – 108

This will be a review discussing pros and cons of the Kneissl Rock star 108.

Ski conditions:

They were tested over a two-day period in Norway during March when the snow conditions where a bit frustrating to say the least! Furthermore they were tried and tested on the pist, and offpist in 15 cm fresh snow.

A little history first:

Kneissl is an Austrian ski company with deep roots haling back to the end of the 19th century. It is one of the oldest, innovative and most respected ski manufacturers in the world. Handmade in Austria their top of the range skis have been leading the way in both technological advances and performance for many years! The company tends to focus on quality without compromise and have built a huge following along the way. Kneissl utilizes classic design, and natural materials. They have pioneered the most advanced woodcore in sandwich technology made to date.

The company was the first to ever make carving skies.

Skier profile:

  • Male 38
  • Been riding skies since early childhood
  • Can turn front to back, right an left, and prefers wider skies.

First here comes a fun fact:

If you watch James Bond;

“On her majesty’s secret service” you can see Kneissl skies featured right in the opening sequence! Just as Bond tries to get away from the bad guys by skiing down a steep hill.


Technical info:


This is a free ride big mountain ski, and Kneissl Rock star 108 is not a ski you should buy if you are just starting out. It is a ski made for an experienced rider. Rock star 108 can be seen as long for some riders from top to bottom. If you are not used to these dimensions you might have to take more than a couple of runs on the slope. The Ski requires a good amount of speed to be quick on the turn, and you must have an assertive driving style. The ski is heavy but that is what makes it stable on both speed when you ride on the slope, and when you hit features/jumps in offpist free riding. The ski is responsive enough to allow for shorter turn radius on a groomed terrain with a small amount of skidding during the initiation phase of the turn. The Rock star will be a very fun ski to ride once you are on good terms with it. The ski can be very forgiving as long as you don´t get to far in the backseat on the ski.

Furthermore I would highly recommend you buy proper free ride boots with proper flex so you can ride Rock star the way it was meant. If you are a park lover, and spend your time mostly doing jumps Rock star 108 is not the ski I would choose. But if you are riding powder, and want to go big mountain skiing the Rock star 108 is just what you need!

All in all the ski is excellent, and comes highly recommended.

The skies can be bought next year at Gamletorvet Sport in Gjøvik.

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    April 6, 2017 / 1:49 pm

    Vet hvem jeg skal gå til, når jeg endelig skal få kjøpt meg skitustyr i alle fall! :D

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