Introduction course to rock climbing – Finding your route. 

Choosing of route:

Choosing your route on a single pitch crag can for someone starting out be a challenge since you probably have a hard time knowing what to look for!

That is what this post can help you with, and just maybe you will take away some sort of a plan when you choose to go rock climbing the next time.

After all rock climbing gives you strength on so many levels, and that is why I highly recommend trying, and seeing if you just might like it. 

When we go climbing these are the variables we take into consideration when we choose where to go, and how hard we climb:

  • How easy is the access?
  • Is it a flat, easy, clean base at the bottom of the climb?
  • Is it a easy, safe, and suitable area for suiting up?
  • Not a lot of people?
  • The wall should look appealing to the eye, and so is it?
  • Check the weather forecast, was it wet, or is the rock dry?
  • How is the overall weather forecast?
  • Is it easy to put up ground anchors?
  • Is it plenty of cracks for gear placement?
  • How is placing anchors at the top?
  • A belay position for the leader will allow for a good line of sight, and communication with the climber is everything. So check that out before you start.
  • Check for danger elements, and no loose rocks ?
  • The descent will not be a problem ? ( Getting of the rock).

I have many times had to revisit these “rules” myself to make sure everything is safe before I start.

Another post coming up: Finding your route

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These tips are based on a book, but I have thrown  in my two cents.

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