I am so looking forward to the skiing season starting, and so I thought it was about time to start writing more on the topic.

This time I thought I would bring you some tips for beginners, and these are all things I wish someone had told me when I first started out some well…many many years ago. As I ski more, and more not only in Hafjell/Kvitfjell but other places there are some tips you should be told the minute you hit the slopes.


  1. Do not use every bit of the slope to do a turn – stay in your own area.You are endangering others riding as if the whole slope belongs to only you.
  2. If you have the chance ask for some pointers as to how your skies/boots/binding are ment to be used properly before you start.
  3. Find your own tempo, and do not ski faster than your own comfort level.
  4. Dont ride off pist if you are not ready..skiing should be fun, and not something you do to impress others.
  5. Ask before you buy; before you purchase skies/boots be sure it matches your needs/skill level.
  6. It is not about how expensive shoes/skies you have if you do not have the proper skills to ride it properly.
  7. Be friendly to others.
  8. Do not criss-cross when you are standing in line waiting to get on the lift. It is both annoying, and you tend to step on other people’s skies.I hate that last part it is so incredible disrespectful.
  9. Do NOT step on other people’s skies..I can not stress this point enough.
  10. Show respect, and above all have fun.

A little disclaimer: This is not a post hating  on tourists or me trying to be arrogant.These are only general tips ment to give some help.

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