Today I thought why not give you some tips for recipes/meals out hiking. Wether it be a short hike on a Sunday or a long walk in the mountains for several days. You choose what your goal is, but we all need fuel to get there one way or the other. You can choose to make something  simple, and only pack a small lunch like the one under:


Or something like it…

Or you can choose to do something completely different like the recipes from Primus. They are simple, and so easy to make when you are outdoors, and have to carry all your ingredients in a backpack.



  • Lefse
  • Any sort of ham
  • small tomatoes
  • olives
  • ruccola salad
  • mozzerella
  • olive oil


Delicious “lefsepizza”

Put in whatever you yourself like in a pizza, and drizzle a little olive oil on top.
Put the “bread” with the ingredients in a pan with a lid over. Let it cook until ready, but pay attention so that it does not burn.

Really good food for a hike, and even better it is easy to make outdoors.You can make it with any sort of ham/ingredients that you like.

Happy eating :)

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