Do you bring a packed lunch when you go hiking? 

Tips for a packed lunch when you go hiking

This section of the magazine will focus on healthy alternatives you can make when you go hiking either for rock climbing, skiing or any sort of activity you choose to participate in!

I often find that finding easy, good, healthy alternatives to bring when I go for a hike can be a challenge. Either my alternatives are boring, the cheese becomes to sweaty/soggy and unattractive to eat! Or you simply end up bringing the same thing you always bring, and this can get pretty boring in the end! Truth be told finding a new combination every time is hard, and coming up with new alternatives is a real challenge! However that is what this new article series will be all about. I am determinant to find inspirational choices for you to make. Choices you don’t have to think too much about!


So today I am starting of  this new series with something pretty easy that only takes s few minutes to make. All of you have to do is cut up a few slices of bread, add ham, hard-boiled egg, cheese, and top it all with some fresh tomatoes, fresh basil or anything else you prefer.You then simply have to put it all inside a container of some sort, and bring it with you in a backpack.

Ingredients list:

Two slices of your favourite bread

To small tomatoes

Two slices of ham, cheese or whatever else you prefer

A hard-boiled egg

And maybe some fresh herbs on top

This is so easy that you do not have to be a rocket scientist :)

To end this article I would simply say – it does not have to take several hours to make something healthy for a hiking trip! All you really need is healthy ingredients on hand, and the whole preparation will go by in a few minutes! This leaves you to go outside, and enjoy nature to the fullest.

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