So once again The best thing about autumn is the cooler weather, and the fact that you do not need any excuse for snuggling up in a warm clothes. Like long knit jackets or knitted cardigans with big scarfs to name a few options. 

I have always been a bit more on the cooler side then maybe others I know, and today for some reason I am feeling colder then usual. It almost feels like a flue is on its way coolness is some of the inspiration behind this post. Since we are moving into the colder months (at least in Norway) where I live this might be the time for some additional layers, and new inspiration. Like I have already written i have always loved long knitted jackets, cardigans, trousers, sweaters all clothes that adds just a little bit more of that cozy feeling.

The once pictured are all in dark colours, and for me that is a must have this season all paired with some dark jeans/boots. I have a coat very similar to the one pictured, and i love it so much that i used it practically everyday last autumn. Mine is in dark orange/brown (if that makes sense), and i tend to pair it with blue/black jeans and a black turtleneck for easy comfort.

The green one is one my wish list…

These clothes all come from a store at Raufoss called Frøken Strøken, and i am a big fan. Not only are the owners nice but you also get excellent service when you stop by. You can get these and more through there online store. 

If you want more information on them you can go hit up their store. 

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