August – My opinion:

August was suddenly here in a flash, and I have no idea where the summer went.Except oh yes i was doing a math course for six weeks. Math does not come easy for me so i really had to study hard. That is why i have been off social media with new content. My site has not been updated for a long time …Sorry for that, but sometimes you have to make different choices ..

However now i am back with a new love for everything that has to do with creating content, and I really hope that you are still with me on this journey.

My content for August will not change drastically but i will try out something a bit different. I will choose a topic for the month, and then only focus on creating content for that one topic/category. This will hopefully make it easier for me to plan content/posts.

For the month of August I will share things i have actually tested out myself, and you will get an honest opinion; 

  • Was it worth the money?
  • Should i have bought something else?
  • Why this item?

The posts will feature anything from caps to sneakers to hiking clothes…

You get the idea :)

I will also do another post on Therese B very soon. 


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