I really started reading “hardcore” in my early teens. Remember how I would rather stay in bed with a book then head out with friends for some drinking, and boy dating. I was always to shy for boys anyway, and therefor choose to stay away. Plus the once I wanted where the once I thought of as to scary to even talk to.

Thank good I am not that shy anymore.


For the reasons listed above, and for several others.


Books became my first love when I was young , and it has stayed that way until now. They never critiqued me or left me when something more “interesting” came around. The written word was always there providing comfort for a girl who loved her room instead of going out. I think it is the same way for many people. You are never bored when reading that is probably the best part.

When I was younger (we well as now) I used to read a lot of different crime novels, and specially anything to do with Agatha C. To his day Hercule P is my all time favourite detective. But as I grew older my reading interest became broader, and now I tend to read just about anything from crime to love stories. Although if a book does not grab me from the first few pages. I am sure to put it down. That is why I usually read crime just to make sure I turn at least 20 pages in an effort to give it a real chance. 

Just a few weeks ago I finished the second book from Jöel Dicker, and I must say they where both amazingly well written. The story line was interesting, and not hard to follow plus it was a book you could read to and from work without getting side tracked. These days I am reading Brobyggerne from Jan G, and I have to finish it soon since it is a trilogy , and more books are waiting in the wings.

What are you reading these days?

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  1. October 18, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Har alltid vært en lesehest og slukt det meste fra krim til biografier…nå for tida er det jo mest fagbøker det går i, men på fritiden leser jeg “The Dresden Files”, en serie sci-fi-noveller som jeg så smått er litt hekta på ;) Ellers ønsker jeg meg “Factfulness” av Hans Rosling i julegave!

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