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Why do you write as a blogger, and why do I write? This is a question that’s been on my mind lately. Why is that ever since I started feeling like blogging was more of a job then fun, and thereby took a choice to end. Have I wanted to come back to writing, and being creative in some form or another? I guess you are either a creative being or you are not.


Questions like these and many more have been on my mind lately. The result being that once again I am sat I front of my computer many months after the process first started in my head trying to lash out SOMETHING that is good enough for reading.

Finding your inspiration when it has been lost for quite some time.
why do you write?
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As you all know creativity is not always such an easy game. And I know for a fact that a lot more established bloggers suffer the same writing block problem as me. You want to write, but have no idea what?  You end up asking yourself all sorts of questions; it is interesting for anyone else than me? What photos should accompany the post? What filter should I use on Instagram.It sometimes takes a blogger forever to get a post published, and once it is out on the great web you then to start to think even more. Is it performing well enough? have enough people read it? What do they think?, and so one. You can get insane in the process.

That feeling of always having to create something new, and breathtaking is hard.


I have today gone through my entire bookmark list for blogs that continue to inspire me, and I have watched videos to get the juices flowing. From that I have written down approxremtaly 20-30 ideas for future posts that might be interesting for you to read, and for me to write. The only hassle now is having to start writing a 900 word post (as WordPress says),and taking the right photos to accompany.


And I for one was hoping that after all these months I would have come up with a plan. The sad reality is that I have not. The struggle is still very much the same, and just writing this post was a challenge in itself..

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