Where is the snow?

Snow..are you coming?

Well I have been asking myself that question on many occasions over the last few weeks, and so far we still have yellow leafs..and no streets that are white…well a little white but not nearly enough for my taste..I am starting to think the planet is in serious shit to state the obvious..

I can not be the only one having these thoughts lately?That global warming is a REAL thing, and not something we can just sweep under the rug anymore? I am no fanatic..just yet..but if this is how Norwegian winters will be from now on..I am going to start crying…no snow or next to nothing means no skiing for you or for me..Me and my husband are not going to travel to Japan in order to chase powder when the flight in itself only adds to the ever-growing problem of pollution..

See our dilemma?

So what do we do people?

I can still remember a girl in her early years happy as a clam whenever the downpour of snow started, and it seemed to never stop..back then it came and would not leave ..plus the temperature was below cero, and you would get frost bite just being outside for a few hours..these days however it feels like we plus degrees throughout the “colder” months. I know not all of us love snow, colder temperatures or skiing,, for you I say this post is probably not for you! For those of you interested in more than staying indoors, and really hate the lack of real winter the last few years (it is just getting worse) for those of you who love nothing more than being outdoors for hours cross-country skiing or doing downhill with a packed lunch/thermos and a chocolate..you know what I am talking about..we have a problem..a problem our politicians have not paid enough attention to..they have basically let our planet go to hell..and their is nothing more we can do about it then to do whatever research possible to stay as informed as we can from day to day..and little by little do our own part…

The hope is that a little goes a long way , and that we can “stop time”..or reverse it enough so that one day winter comes back with the low temperatures, and all the lovely powder. I must be honest, and say that as a younger girl the environment, and its troubles could not interest me less..but as I get older closing my eyes are no longer an option..

For the last few weeks we have had snow a few days, and rain/higher temperatures the rest..Some Norwegian ski resorts like Hafjell was supposed to open a few weeks ago, but due to poor conditions the start date was pushed back..

Nature is struggling, and what are we doing as a result..saying to hell with it, and being even more selfish..I am NOT perfect..and I am venting..however no snow means no fun..I want FUN..I WANT SNOW.I want 20 degrees below cero…I want my childhood winters/Christmas back…

Are you gone forever?

Must I love Australian temperatures from now on?

Anymore thoughts on the subject?

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