When I first went rock climbing I had no idea what kind of equipment I was ment to use or the difference between one shoe from another. They basically all looked to an untrained eye pretty much the same. The only thing that separated them was colour, the small difference in the way the shoe was built, what company produced them and so one..I basically had no idea..

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Fast forward a few years, and I have more knowledge of what I like, and why! Seeing as we for the most part go rock climbing outside, and the routes are at a pretty beginner stage (for me) I tend to only bring one shoe, and the one shoe I bring is one step up from the beginner one. The shoe I tend to bring is from a company called La Sportiva 


My shoe: La Sportiva Katana.

A shoe that is both easy to put on, and take off. Nothing hokus pokus about it. The shoe is comfortable enough for you to belay in, and also walk around with over some time (although you are not supposed to, and I would not recommend walking around for to long)but be sure to not scratch the sole to badly when you walk for a bit. You might have a hard time sticking your sole to the wall later due to scratches.

More technical facts:

La Sportiva Katana is ment to be a gym, sport, climbing and bouldering shoe. It stands out for its Velcro closure that I personally think works really well, and makes taking it off and on a whole lot easier.It also has s unique single – piece tongue that wraps around the entire top of you foot opposed to most other shoes that have split tongue that joins in the middle. They are (as I wrote above) a medium stiffness, and are therefor okay for standing on edges as you wait for someone else to finish a climb or for you to start your own wall.On the Kantana the rubber can be sticky, and soft, but overall it is a solid shoe for sport climbing, dragging and gym climbing.

One the negative side I have not much to say since I have just started, and have yet to climb as much as I really have to in order to say something clever.

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