Travel can be a bit boring when you have nothing to do. Here are some of my tips for making the trip go by faster.

Travel - Gjøvik
Travel – Gjøvik

Like so many of us travel is something you can look at two ways. Either you hate it or you love it. For me it is something in between the two. The best part is that you can find one seat, and make that seat you “home” for the next couple of hours. I have spent so many hours traveling up and down from Oslo to Gjøvik the last couple of years. Ever since I moved to Raufoss the train has been my best friend for several reasons. I can do whatever I want without any questions. But every now and then a seasoned traveler like myself need a few tips on my way.


Reading a good book on the train will make the train ride fly by a lot faster, and help with the boredom. At least it always does for me, and not just on a train but traveling in general. Whether you choose to read a magazine or a 500 page book is completely up to you. 


Listen to some if your favorite tunes while traveling. The best part at least for me is that you can stream from whatever platform you want. I for one have been heavily into Jazz lately, and tend to find a station/playlist on Spotify or YouTube, and spend hours listening.


Wear something comfy to snuggle up in when you want to sleep. 


Bring some coffee/tea on a termos, and you will feel the cozy feeling come on before you can say…aaaaaaaa…


Buy some of your favourite food..or better yet make some at home before you leave, and save the money.


Take with you a notebook to stay on top of your work, and your to do lists. I always love checking off the things i have done, and then set new goals for myself. 

Have a good trip.

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  1. October 23, 2018 / 12:06 pm

    Jeg er veldig glad i å reise, og skulle gjerne hatt tid og penger til å reise myyyye mer enn det jeg gjør :) Har hatt mange lange og koselige togturer fra Nordland til Oslo, det blir hva man gjør det til!

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