Tips for stressing down.

Sometimes it feels as if we only have Mondays Fridays lately, and the weeks just fly by. Therefor finding a little time for myself, and the things I love to do can sometimes be a struggle. That is why I tend to stick to the small things I can do every day instead of always thinking in big terms. I am the type of person who is always a bit stressed, and therefore really need to take some time off from time to time in order to not go completely insane. I have for sometime had to many things going on upstairs, and in the process over think everything. A few weeks ago I told myself that enough is enough things had to change, and started going to the gym again. Did so everyday that week (starting up again tomorrow), and the feeling it brought on that Monday was fantastic.

When I go to the gym on a regular basis it tends to help me calm down, and sleep better. I have finally gotten into the flow of reading books again, and it is about time seeing as I have always loved reading. However for a long time now finishing a read has been a real struggle since I am having a hard time keeping my concentration up for more than a few hours!

I am working on it :)

Another thing that truly relaxes me is playing the radio, and drinking some tea. Listening to some classical music when writing a blog post or reading something helps me calm down enough during the day to make it that tiny bit better. I think it is very important with our busy lifestyles, and all the things we surround ourselves with to switch it all off (phones, computers, noise and so one) from time to time.

And just breath :)

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