Skåbu is situated in Jotunheimen, and we have visited the area on more than one occasion. It is always still, and with gorgeous nature surrounding you wherever you look. You can choose to go for short walks/hikes or longer once it is all up to you, and your own comfort level. The landscape is filled with both steep hills, and gentle roads to suit your every hiking need.

In Skåbu you will find some rich flora/fauna birds of prey, with the golden eagle in front. However the forest birds are probably the easiest to spot, but also smaller birds especially woodpeckers, are richly represented. In winter you can easily find traces of animals like hares, foxes, deer, weasels and elk. Sometimes you can also get a glimpse of the animal out of the kitchen window as you enjoy your morning coffee.


Skåbu is most likely named after the Norse goddess for hunting called Skadir. Hunting, trapping and fishing leaves its mark on the village to this day as in earlier times.


In the center of Skåbu you can find a grocery store with a post office a restaurant/coffee shop, gas station, and a place to stay. They even have places where they sell locally produced food you can try as you drive through.
I have only been here a few times, but loving it more, and more over time mostly due to the still feeling i always get when we visit.

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