We all need some inspiration once in a while for easy meals you can pack for hiking or lunch, and me just like many other girls out there like salads. I have to have them for every dinner..a dinner without salad is no meal at all, and so today I thought why not give you some tips. The great thing about salads is that they are not complicated… 

Salads can as we all know come in many forms, and you can have anything from pasta, greens, chicken, to basically throwing everything in that you like.You can make green salads, with tomatoes, paprika, mushrooms and maybe some nuts thrown in for change. The great thing about salads is that everything goes, and it is only your imagination that decides.

Underneath you can see some tips you can try the next time you need some variation…


Salsa salad with tomatoes, lettuce and fried bread ..with some dressing 

A mix of everything you like.

Pasta salad with some salad of your own choice…and some sun dried tomatoes.

Caprese salad..i just love this combination with Mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes..

Makes eating salad a dream..when it looks like this…

And then last but not least the one salad i always tend to eat when I go out for dinner..

A Cæsar salad; 

Bread croutons


Parmesan cheese 

Add some olive oil, salt and pepper on top and maybe some white wine on the side..

My absolute favourite…