Like the girl in this video I have been wanting to drink more water every day, and some days I am better then others. However it is proven that the health benefits are so great that it can not be explained away.ย Whether you want shinier hair, younger skin, a healthier body,ย clearer skin, rinsing your body of toxins, balancing your weight, Increasing energy, boosting the immune system, it helps against headaches, helps prevent cramps/sprains.. to just feeling fresher every day. Pure clear water is the worlds best beauty elixir from the inside and out. The reasons just mentioned are why you should make an effort every day to drink as much as possible. I for one have understood that the days I drink enough I always find that my body feels “cleaner” if that makes sense. I am probably not even near the recommended amount every day, but I am working on it.I am not so hungry all the time either…

Now I tend to drink plain water when I do, but can see how adding a few lemon slices, some fresh basil leafs, strawberries or blueberries can make it more inviting. And in turn make it easier to drink the suggested amount..

Some ideas for you:

food cold red water

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I do not think you need to make it this complicated every day, but it can be a supplement when you want something a bit different..the trick I guess is to drink water at all…๐Ÿ˜Š

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