Ever since I started blogging or generally writing anything online I have always been on the lookout for other sites, books, videos to check out for new ideas and general inspiration. Therefor I read a lot every week wether it be other lifestyle/photography sites to get more information an get better at my craft..or books to relax..or a walk outside for fresh air. I have understood over years that inspiration can be found in many places..

This was my week:

I have recently been obsessed with the photographer – Ted Forbes. Both listening to his Podcast, and looking at his imagery on the website! I have in the process also learned so much from his YouTube videos where he is both informative in style, and easy to understand. I started watching him right at the beginning, and have not stopped since…

For many years now I have on a regular basis been reading the classic section of Penguin/UK, and I bought many books as a result. Everything from The Andy Warhol Diaries (edited by: Pat Hackett) The Pickwick Papers (Charles Dickens) to The Other Side of The Story ( Mariann Keyes ). There is something so wonderful about the way they have been written, and the stories they tell. I just love the language they all is almost poetic in nature…

Taking a walk outside in crisp fall air is something I can recommend to anyone who needs some new air into their lungs.

Furthermore I have been a bit reluctant to tell you this, but lately every night before bed I have started meditating for approx 30 min at a time, and sometimes longer. As a result I get relaxed, and stop thinking to much, and It gives me a sense of stillness that I have not felt before.I sleep better, and feel overall more relaxed ..

I will do a larger post on this in the future just thought I would share a few words here.

As for books I have been loving John Le Carre more, and more but I must say he is not an easy author to like..I do not find his writing as easy to read as many other crime writers. I am not giving up!

That was my weekly roundup!

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