Things for the weekend.


Friday is once again upon us,and I am back with another things for the weekend post.


For those of you who have been following me for a while will know that these posts are ment to feature cool/interesting and simply a bit different books,music, Podcasts. Or whatever else I feel you need to know about from the week that just passed. It is worth mentioning that i am a girl who gets obsessed with things, and then do it until i am sick to the bone. I may be a bit weird …It is the same with some music…


This weekend I will be deep into listening to anything Jazz since for me it goes perfectly with this time of year. Curling up on the sofa one early morning in October while the rain is pouring outside is something I will never get enough of ! The sounds of a sax or piano blasting through the speakers is something I can never love enough..It took me sometime to understand this..but the best musicians are the often the once who have a classical background…

Links for my top three:

To name but a few

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