So yet another Friday, and yet again here comes another Fitness update. To be perfectly honest I am struggling a bit as usual with keeping my motivation on top.It is as if I know how many days are left until our wedding, but it seems like such a long way..that is why I tend to get incredible stupid of me..However this time I have also set myself a goal og doing the 10 km…it would be embarrassing if I where not to finish..Specially since I was the one (in my relationship) who pushed the whole thing on New Years..see my predicament? There is no other way of doing this then finishing in style…

That is why today (yesterday when this post is published) I will make some running playlists on my Phone, and from next week start bringing a workout bag to work ..that way it is a bit harder to just go straight home from work, and stay on the sofa..

Quite honestly..the sofa has been my friend for to long…

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