Hiking food:

Today’s post is the second one I my “hiking food series”. You can read the last one here.
Hiking food can be so boring at times, and you can feel like the only thing to pack is the same sandwich as always! By that I mean some ham, and cheese that becomes sweaty a couple of hours into a hike! Mind you I have always liked having a packed lunch seeing how it makes me stay away from all the unhealthy choices.

But sometimes even I need a change.

There are dishes you can make the day before set to cool in the refrigerator, and have as a snack the day after. Foods that are just as good cold as it is hot.

One of those meals can be :

  • A few eggs
  • Sausage
  • Some red onions
  • Some paprika or whatever else you like.

Stir it all up in a pan and pack it up in a box. Great for those days when bread is not on your list😊

Recipie : Linn

Tips for a packed lunch when you go hiking

This section of the magazine will focus on healthy alternatives you can make when you go hiking either for rock climbing, skiing or any sort of activity you choose to participate in!

I often find that finding easy, good, healthy alternatives to bring when I go for a hike can be a challenge. Either my alternatives are boring, the cheese becomes to sweaty/soggy and unattractive to eat! Or you simply end up bringing the same thing you always bring, and this can get pretty boring in the end! Truth be told finding a new combination every time is hard, and coming up with new alternatives is a real challenge! However that is what this new article series will be all about. I am determinant to find inspirational choices for you to make. Choices you don’t have to think too much about!


So today I am starting of  this new series with something pretty easy that only takes s few minutes to make. All of you have to do is cut up a few slices of bread, add ham, hard-boiled egg, cheese, and top it all with some fresh tomatoes, fresh basil or anything else you prefer.You then simply have to put it all inside a container of some sort, and bring it with you in a backpack.

Ingredients list:

Two slices of your favourite bread

To small tomatoes

Two slices of ham, cheese or whatever else you prefer

A hard-boiled egg

And maybe some fresh herbs on top

This is so easy that you do not have to be a rocket scientist 🙂

To end this article I would simply say – it does not have to take several hours to make something healthy for a hiking trip! All you really need is healthy ingredients on hand, and the whole preparation will go by in a few minutes! This leaves you to go outside, and enjoy nature to the fullest.

My tips

Doing a hike these days does not mean that you have to bring along the tired, and boring lunch you always pack. Because 1) you are in a hurry to leave or 2)to tired to make anything else. These days you can bring along any kind of food you like all you really need is some sort of Primus to heat water, and something to prepare your food in, and voila you are good to go.


Last summer when we did a bit of hiking, and camping a new Primus was bought. I have to tell you it was truly one of the best investments we ever made. The Primus is both small enough to carry around with you in a small backpack, and light weight enough to bring along on even the hardest of hikes.


All the times we go hiking we tend to bring some sort of food with us, and it can be anything from REALTURMAT  or a few sandwiches for easy pease eating. We tend to stick to regular cheese/ham because that’s just what we like, but making something a bit more fancy is not that hard. Just add it to a box like the one under, and you will never have a problem again. The food will stay in its place, and you will have many options as to what you bring..it can be carrots, sweet peas, strawberries to name but a few of my personal favourites.

Leftovers from dinner:

Having a refrigerator filled with food you do not get around to eating is both economically stupid, and not good for the environment. So instead of possibly throwing away parts of yesterdays dinner  (because you for the 100 time made too much) why not take leftovers with u on the slopes or a regular hike.

Here is a great little recipe i found just a few days ago on Matprat.

Recipe for omelette with cheese and tomato salsa:

– 2 eggs

2 table spoons with water.

– 3 table spoons grated white cheese or other cheese that you might prefer

– 1/2 tablespoons of butter for frying

Tomato Salsa:

– 1 piece tomato about.

– 1 cup chopped cucumber

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1/2 teaspoon wine vinegar or apple vinegar

– 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1/4 teaspoon pepper

– 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil

– 2 tbsp sprouts

To sum up:

You can bring whatever kind of food with you on a hike, but as you do there are more options the just the regular boring sandwiches we as Norwegians seem to be such huge fans of.

Photos belongs to the company themselves


Skåbu is situated in Jotunheimen, and we have visited the area on more than one occasion. It is always still, and with gorgeous nature surrounding you wherever you look. You can choose to go for short walks/hikes or longer once it is all up to you, and your own comfort level. The landscape is filled with both steep hills, and gentle roads to suit your every hiking need.

In Skåbu you will find some rich flora/fauna birds of prey, with the golden eagle in front. However the forest birds are probably the easiest to spot, but also smaller birds especially woodpeckers, are richly represented. In winter you can easily find traces of animals like hares, foxes, deer, weasels and elk. Sometimes you can also get a glimpse of the animal out of the kitchen window as you enjoy your morning coffee.


Skåbu is most likely named after the Norse goddess for hunting called Skadir. Hunting, trapping and fishing leaves its mark on the village to this day as in earlier times.


In the center of Skåbu you can find a grocery store with a post office a restaurant/coffee shop, gas station, and a place to stay. They even have places where they sell locally produced food you can try as you drive through.
I have only been here a few times, but loving it more, and more over time mostly due to the still feeling i always get when we visit.

Photographs: Linn Michelsen