I have been meaning to get around to reading this book for a while seeing it said to be both a well written story, and a book about personal growth. Randi Skaug is the first Norwegian female to cross Antarctic on skies,a trip that for her had three main goals. 1.Collect money for a demining project close to her ā¤ļø 2.break in a new route, and 3.complete the final mountain of the seven summits. 

New Year’s Eve of 2007 she stood on top of Mt.Vinson while the sky was sprinkling ā„ļø .It had been her hardest hike to date but now her confidence was back, and she was feeling a whole lot better.
This confidence would through a project help people in Afghanistan feel less afraid of having to step on landmines. 

The book shows how we all can learn to master a difficult situation, and the mental /physical steps we need to take in order to move forward. 

Book: Mot Toppen - Randi Skaug

The Riddle of the Sandy

“the riddle of the sandy” written by Erskine Childers. Never read anything from this author before so looking forward to it!
I always end up buying pocket that way I can throw it away once finished

Here is a few quotes from the book!
“he set out as a sailor and returned as a spy”….
“A thriller anticipating Frederick Forsyth and Len Deighton – never loses pace” – Independent on Sunday!