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This is my first Sunday playlist as I am sitting here trying to get started on writing a new job application. By now it should really be cero problem, however the process of getting a new job is always a hassle. Specially because each time you succeed at getting work it seems to end in bye bye..

The process is so tiresome.

You all know how it goes; looking for available jobs, writing an application, waiting to hear back for an interview or not (and that ALWAYS takes forever). If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you then have to prepare mentally,  and hopefully get positive news after a while in someone calling you. All I really want in this world is a steady gig for years to come. That way maybe me, and my husband can start making real plans again..

Enough with the bitching..


In order to treat myself this Sunday, and hopefully get into a better mood I decided to search for a playlist on YouTube that had a happy vibe. What I found is a list featuring Bossa Nova, Jazz and some overall chill music to keep you going.

My hope is that you will put it on, and get into a fantastic mood.

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