Before my page change I never used to have a social media strategy; everything was a bit unplanned (that has been the problem all along with the blog, social media, posts and so one), and is was therefore hard for me. It must have been hard for you to fully understand what I was doing. Everything was to all over the place.

See my problem has always been to stay focused, and not loose direction because so many things at the same time is interesting! I have never really known or had a clear vision of this project until now! Therefor some weeks ago I started making a content calendar to better plan all my content for the blog. In the process I also made a plan for my social channels. Now after having read quite a lot about this topic both for school, and as a hobby I have come to the realisation that planning is everything. And so hello to scheduling posts a few days in advance.

Facebook page:

All my blog content is automatically posted here, and I love the fact that I do not have to think about it. I do not have to worry if the post comes up on the page or not. WordPress does the job for me and, I would highly recommend that in order to make things as easy as possible for you try to make as many processes automatic as you can.

I then spent some time thinking about how to better use my Facebook page. Was it going to be an integrated part of my site or a page that stood completely alone with all its own content? More like a blog in itself..I fast came to the conclusion that I wanted it to be an integrated part of my site, and therefor just another way of showing my site content, and hopefully get more readers. So that is why it will be a little “magazine” in itself.


I am sure I use it in quite the same way as you all seeing it is so few characters that can be used. So I share photos, and URL from the site. I should really be better at starting a real conversations, but I am having a hard time understanding just how to do that. Maybe that can be a goal for 2017 ? Get better at using Twitter.


I would say Instagram is just as important as Facebook if not more important to share content. My plan here is to show my own photography. I tend to like motives a bit more “up close and personal”, and that is the reason I hardly ever take photos from a distance.Instead  I walk as close to the subject as I can instead. I never zoom, and never use flash seeing as I love natural light in my photos. Yes I use filters, but only to enhance what is already there like a colour, or a detail. You can easily see the photos that is enhanced, and the once that are not! I try not to over perfect an image!


On Soundcloud you can find new playlists every Friday,and I would therefor love it if you would check it out. Seeing how it is Friday right now another one will be published very soon.

As for Snapchat I only use it for private updates, and I never use Instagram stories. My YouTube channel have been created a long time ago, and I think I have 9 subscribers, but these days it is just lying dead without a real plan to ever get up and running!


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