So snow finally came to #Norway, and Raufoss after months of waiting for it to show up. It really starting falling down last week. For those who hate it (well hate is a strong word) or strongly dislike the white stuff this post is not for you. 

This post is written solely on the premise that snow is a good thing, and that we can never get enough. I love snow for several reasons. One of them is because I love to down hill ski both in Hafjell as well as in Kvitfjell to name a few places near by.  Last year I even bought new skies because I was so excited. This year they are proving to be one of the best investments I have done in a long time.

My skies are not only light weight, and amazing for regular down hill riding. They are also made perfect for backcountry due to the light weight design.

I will do a whole post on my relatively new skies very soon.



In the meantime help me celebrate the white, and let’s hope more shows up in the up coming weeks.

On the days when you can not make it to the slopes taking Frøya out for a walk is a good backup plan. Seeing her run, and play in the white “powder” puts a smile on my face every time.

Go out and explore as much as you can this winter!


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