On the weekend when I wake up early say around six or seven I usually tend to head down the stairs, and make myself a cup of tea or coffee, and afterwards head back to bed for some reading or Podcast listening. It is those early hours when the house is still asleep that I get to do the things I love..Because one of the best things about everyday life is having some small rituals that bring a light to your soul, and helps start your day on the best possible way.


However when it comes to Podcasts about skiing I tend to have to search for a long time before I find something really worth listening to.There is always a lot of Podcasts on the general topic of lifestyle with different people talking in general about the topic..however really helpful tips on the topics that interest me like the outdoors are harder to find..You know the kind of listening journeys that can take your mind somewhere completely different, and you end up with new perspective once the Podcast is over. That is why I am today sharing some of the new ski Podcasts I have found that might inspirere you as well to go out into the snow.

Here are some tips:

The best thing about these Podcasts (and all the others out there) is that you do not only get inspirational stories from different skiers living the lifestyle to its fullest. You also get advice on different equipment needed when you go backcountry skiing to name one way of using those powder planks. Tips I for one think we all need in our quest to learn as much as possible..

If you have any other tips for Podcasts I should listen to..please drop me a comment 👇

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