These are my thoughts

pexels-photo-877695.jpegHave you asked yourself that question lately?

Or do you write because it is an old habit, and as we all know old habits die-hard. Have you ever asked yourself that simple thing?

Why do you write ?


I have been writing this site for almost nine years give our take a few weeks here, and there. During all those years there have been both ups, and downs due to at times a lack of motivation, and eagerness for online publishing. Understand me in the right way..I love my site/blogging or else I would probably stop, and it continues to bring me so much joy everyday. It not only helps me stay creative both within photography, and writing but it also helps me get some sort of system out of all the stuff going on upstairs. Plus it is a wonderful way of getting in touch with people who share a similar interest to mine.

So all of the above are reasons why I still write online, and most of all I LOVE IT, and when you truly love something stopping full-time will never be an option…

Just make sure you write for all the right reasons…

Have a great day.

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