Self-promotion has always played a key factor to building your blog, but lately, it seems that bloggers are looking for a new way to promote themselves. Instead of actually working hard over time to build a successful blog more and more are simply trying to take the easy way to fame by writing in the comment section “follow me, and I will follow you back”. This results in the real content, content that contains actual information is drowned out in a sea of ‘me.’ One would have to question the effectiveness of posting links to websites in the hopes that it would generate an awareness and traffic. Because if it were that simple, we would all have easier jobs as blogger, and content creators.

It’s not just influencers that face this challenge, companies face the same problem all the time with their marketing and advertising. They believe all that’s needed is to get the message out that they exist, and the public will jump for joy. In reality, the only successful campaigns have one thing in common, they provide something useful for the people who read.

How do you really promote yourself?

Without a real message, self-promotion is just noise. Find something to promote which you believe in, and don’t worry about the rest as there’s always a new gimmick to help “promote yourself.” Right now, there’s the whole SEO vs. Social Media debate as Facebook and Google fight for the #1 spot (I’ve always fared better with social media, though not Facebook). There’s email marketing, link roundups, commenting, blog rolls, Twitter, Facebook, networks, link-bait posts, advertising, giveaways, guest posting, press releases, real life networking and the list can go on. Seriously, as long as there are two people on Earth, the possibilities for self-promotion are endless, but only if you’re promoting something the other person can use will they remember you, and come back for another read.

Promote Usefulness:

The best way to effectively promote yourself is not by promoting yourself, create value by doing something to help another person.

Helping other people comes in all forms:

By bringing them a smile to their face, by listening, giving access to a world they can’t get to, helping them feel better that minute, help save them money, or help them spend it…

There are infinite of ways to help people with blogging, so keep in mind, people generally think about themselves. If you bring them an experience to help them, they’ll be more apt to share with others.

By all means, tell people what you do! But at the core of your message, make sure it has value to another person. Before you hit publish, before you click send, tweet, update, before you say anything about your business, ask yourself:
How is my message useful to others?

To be quite honest the last point is not a question I often ask myself before hitting publish..but in reality it is the one thing that helps distinguish a good blog from a great one.How well is your content written, how well is a topic explained, and how can it help the person reading? If you think about all those thing your site will surely be much better over time…

What do you think about before hitting publish?

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