We all love Fridays, and for me it means a break from the week. A chance to do something fun, and relax.


I have a tendency to think way to much at times, and as a result not sleep very well. This usually happens when my mind is going hundred miles an hour..Thinking to much can sometimes be a curse when all you want is to relax,and sleep tight. That is why I have began meditating for approx 30 min every evening before I sleep. It puts my mind at rest, relaxes my body..and stills my a result i sleep so much better..


Because after all that is a huge part of what life is going to be like for more then me in the near future. With all that is happening in the world with the push to get more education, better jobs, advancing, always learning either by doing double Bachelor degrees (as it is in Norway at the moment) or always taking short courses on the side as you work a nine to five.


Ever since I started blogging or generally writing anything online I have always been on the lookout for other sites, books, videos to check out for new ideas and general inspiration. Therefor I read a lot every week wether it be other lifestyle/photography sites to get more information an get better at my craft..or books to relax..or a walk outside for fresh air. I have understood over years that inspiration can be found in many places..